New Bathrooms for Evans Primary School

One of the great things about being here is that one sees many opportunities for doing good that aren’t that hard to make happen, but that make a HUGE improvement in the quality of life of people here.

One of the classrooms divided by partitions.

One of the classrooms divided by partitions.

Evans Primary School present bathrooms

The one bathroom with tarp walls.

Pastor James in front of toilets

The new bathrooms almost finished.

toilets beside Evans School

The main school building is on the right of the new bathrooms.

One such opportunity came up when Sulaiman showed me a primary school he had helped build with funds from a generous British ex-pat and her family and friends. The one big room houses six classrooms (with dividers), a small principal’s office, and a computer lab.

A septic tank covered with a cement slab with a hole in the middle serves as the one bathroom. Walls were made of plastic tarp; boys and girls took turns using the one hole.

I contacted my P.E.O. Sisterhood in Bellevue, WA. When they heard this story and learned of the need for a real bathroom, they donated nearly $500 and sent me the funds in a Moneygram. Sulaiman oversaw the project with the help of the school principal, Pastor James. Through the generosity of these women, a solid structure has been built with separate bathrooms for boys and girls, and a sink with soap for washing hands.

P.E.O. is an international women’s philanthropy based on friendship. Its purpose is to promote educational opportunities for women around the world with grants, loans, awards, and scholarships as well as Cottey College located in Missouri. Over 500,000 members serve in local chapters in the U.S. and Canada. More than 90,000 women have benefitted from these projects. But it is more than just a philanthropy – it is a sisterhood. We care about and support one another. For more information, see

I’ll keep you posted as more progress is made on the finish work.

About Christie Neal Hogue

I’m an artist living and working in Seattle, and recently became an elementary school teacher. I’m interested in other artists' stories and inspiring links.
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7 Responses to New Bathrooms for Evans Primary School

  1. Julie Tave says:

    bravo Christie, hugs, Julie

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  2. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful story….thanks for sharing it, Christie. I’m enjoying reading all your blogs and have to say how much I admire all you and Herb are doing.

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  3. Marie Sommerfelt says:

    Oops, I learned something…..I need to fill out the blanks below the “reply” box or I turn out to be “Anonymous”. Marie


  4. says:

    WOW….they even have a roof over the toilets now! Those kids are so very fortunate that you are there to help them! We miss you! Hugs, Nancy

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  5. lindsayhogue says:

    What an inspirational story! I will tell my PEO group we we meet! Fantastic! And way to go to you and Sulaiman for seeing how to make it happen!

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  6. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Well goodness hope he gets on the mend. Seattle would be nice. Thanks for the update. Praying for him. AP


  7. Marlene says:

    The simple things we take for granted, like a toilet seat! Wow! That is wonderful. What a great story.

    Sometimes people need to just know about a need. Thanks for your part in getting the word out for these children.


    Marlene Lemon

    Sent from my iPad



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